What is a cookie?

cookie  is a text file that is stored on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) through the different Internet browsers available when you visit almost any web page. The usefulness of the  cookie  is that the website is able to remember your visit when you return to browse that page, storing and retrieving information about browsing habits, either from a specific user or from your computer in general. In addition, depending on the information stored, they can be used to identify a specific user. Although many people do not know,  cookies  have been used for 20 years, when the first browsers for the World Wide Web appeared.

What is NOT a cookie?

It is not a virus, or a Trojan, or a worm, or spam, or spyware, or open windows pop-up.

What are   own and third party cookies ?

The  party cookies  are those generated by the page you're visiting and  third  are generated by services or external providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

What kind of  cookies  are there?

  •  Technical cookies : These are the most basic and allow, among other things, to know when a human or an automated application is browsing, when an anonymous and registered user navigates, basic tasks for the operation of any dynamic web. Necessary in order to allow using the services of the website and adapt its use in the most efficient way possible.  To allow the user to navigate through the web or app and the correct use of its different options and service. Control of traffic and data communication, access to restricted access, identification of session, remember essential elements of an order, correct management of request of possible registrations, use of security elements during navigation and storage of contents for multimedia broadcasting.

  •  Analysis cookies : They collect information about the type of navigation you are doing, the sections you use most, products consulted, time zone of use, language, etc. Different measurement tools are used to provide statistical data and useful analysis about our services, in order to recognize frequency and time of use of each user and use them later to offer a better service.

  •  Advertising cookies : Display advertising based on your browsing, country of origin, language, etc. The local storage of data related to advertising activities is used to know if the user has seen a certain content, of what type, time and frequency. ad or certain type of ad, and how long ago you saw it. They are also used for marketing purposes.

In this online store, the three types of detailed cookies will be used, of the data stored locally for purposes such as:

  • Allow offer our products and services;
  • Offer specific content according to the theme when browsing and visiting the website; 
  • Measure and analyze the generated navigation traffic; 
  • Improve the service as much as possible; 
  • Create and channel specific advertising to website visitors.

What is legally binding with respect to RGPD cookies for e-commerce merchants?

Before creating a cookie, the website publisher must inform users for the purpose of the cookies, obtain their consent and allow users to reject cookies. The period of validity of this consent is 13 months maximum.

The European General Data Protection Regulation stipulates that the user's consent must be previously collected in order to place cookies in the browser. However, some types of cookies are strictly required to provide a service that the user needs and are exempt from these prerequisites:

- Cookies for an online store.

- Cookies for login

- Authentication cookies

- Session cookies created by a multimedia player.

- Load balancing cookies.

- Analysis cookies to analyze the audience.

- Customization of user interface cookies (for language or screen, for example)

The cookies generated by this website, with the purpose and use of the online store, are strictly necessary to provide the service and are exempt from prior consent. Otherwise we would not be able to offer you our products and it would not be possible for us to carry out our online commercial activity. 

The cookies that need a prior consent by the visitor and user, requested when entering this online store, are:

- Advertising cookies

- Social network cookies generated by the share buttons.

- Some of the audience metric cookies.

Can cookies be deleted  ?

Yes. Not only delete, also block, in a general or particular way for a specific domain.

At any time you can exercise your right to deactivate or eliminate cookies from this website. These actions are performed differently depending on the browser you are using.

To remove  cookies  from a website you must go to the configuration of your browser and there you can search the associated to the domain in question and proceed to its removal.

Setting cookies for the most popular browsers:

  • Firefox You can check  here .
  • Chrome You can check  here .
  • Explorer You can check here .
  • Edge. You can check here .
  • Safari. You can check  here .
  • Opera. You can check  here .